Sustainability is a driving force that shapes the decision making process for all of Artemis Foods’ operations. While we are a catering and event company, focused on successful events and happy clients, the values of sustainability are also paramount to how we measure our success. Responsibility and thoughtfulness in our role as stewards of the land and how it is used are inherent in all that we do.



Organic/Local/Non-GMO: Ingredients and products are grown organically or locally, minimally processed and non GMO (yes, we look for that!).

Farm Direct & Fresh: We work with local farmers who deliver directly to our kitchen. We choose local first, and 95% of that is organic. Freshly grown food eaten within days, sometimes hours of being harvested taste better. The other benefits to both our personal and global health are vast and vital.

Natural, Hormone-Free Meat: We use natural, humanely treated, hormone-free, locally grown and/or processed meats.

Sustainable Seafood: We purchase sustainably managed, wild caught local seafood and follow the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch frequently to bring you fish that have the least impact on the environment.

Organic, Non-GMO Fresh Baked Goods: We create baked goods with local, organic and non-GMO flours, grains, fruit, spices, nuts, sugar, cage-free eggs and organic dairy.

Biodegradable Paper Supplies: All of our paper supplies are biodegradable.



We send recycling containers out on all events.

We participate in City of Portland’s composting program for both kitchen and post-event composting.

Given that commercial composting has currently been limited to food scraps only, we offer real plates and cutlery on our breakfast and lunch service (group size permitting) at no extra charge to reduce paper waste.

We meet the highest compliance standards for the Bureau of Environmental Services FOG Program. The program seeks to minimize impacts to Portland’s sewer collection and treatment system from fats, oil and grease (FOG) and other food waste.

We use recycled-content and unbleached napkins.

We use phosphate-free hand soap.

We recycle all paper, cardboard, cans, bottles and plastic, including metal/paper hangers and plastic wrap.

We donate extra food to a homeless shelter.



Environmentally-Friendly Equipment & Supplies: All purchasing of equipment, office supplies, event décor, etc. is screened through the same rigorous measures of sustainability as our menu ingredients. We purchase as local and as green as possible considering the following: Where and how was it made? With what materials? What is the impact on the environment, the community and the waste stream of producing that item?

Energy Efficient: We have offices and a kitchen with LED lighting, low VOC building materials, energy efficient windows, gas appliances, Energy Star rated walk in refrigerator, temp sensitive hood exhaust system, sensor lights in common areas, and a bioswale feature in parking lot.

Sustainability Awards: We have been recipients of the City of Portland’s Sustainability at Workaward since 2005 and in 2012, achieved their Gold Award status.

Green Source Renewable Power: We participate in the Green Source Renewable Power program for electric energy. All of the electricity billed for is 100% renewable and generated from wind, geothermal and biomass power.

Carbon Offsets: We purchase Carbon Offsets annually from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to offset the carbon emissions from our daily operations which supports the development of renewable energy, solar power systems, wind power systems and watershed restoration.

Marketing Materials: We use business cards and brochures with the highest amount of post-consumer recycled material possible and soy-based inks.

Communications: We use email whenever possible instead of fax or standard mail.

Sweatshop-Free Uniforms: We have company t–shirts which are locally screened onto sweatshop-free t-shirts.

Transportation: We use a bio-diesel van for our main delivery vehicle.

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